4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Birdwatching Tour in Mindo

4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Birdwatching Tour in Mindo

4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Birdwatching Tour in Mindo

Local tourists see in Mindo the perfect getaway for weekends or holidays. Here they find nature, adventure and delicious food, in the middle of a safe family and eco-friendly environment. For many international tourists, in addition to the above, Mindo also represents one of the best places –in the country and the region– for birdwatching.


Would you like to know why someone would travel thousands of kilometers with the one goal of exploring the Chocó Andino de Pichincha  Biosphere Reserve for some days?

We’ll tell you their reasons!

  1. In the area of Mindo there are more than 500 species of birds, 32 of which are endemic, and we keep on being surprised every year. In fact, since 1994 Mindo participates annually in the Christmas Bird Count promoted by the Audobon Society and has won the first place for seven times. This event is open for everyone who wants to join and takes place in mid-December. You can follow this account for more information.

  2. Mindo has excellent local and bilingual naturalist guides, who are experts in finding the most exotic and beautiful bird species in the middle of the lush cloud forest. And while a self-guided natural walk will allow you to observe beautiful kinds of tropical birds such as tanagers, hummingbirds and even toucans, our guides have the remarkable ability to spot other more shy species that will leave you speechless.

  3. By doing a birdwatching tour, you support sustainable tourism in Mindo and its surroundings. Although this town is part of a Biosphere Reserve, it remains very fragile as there are natural resources that a few are still seeking to extract for their own benefit. In the area there are several inspiring private initiatives that go for the conservation of large areas of forest, and whose main income comes from responsible tourism. Moreover, these life sanctuaries have become the home of hundreds of birds and wildlife in general, since there they find a clean, safe and wide habitat to develop their lives.

  4. Given that Mindo is a small and still unknown destination, tour prices are much more affordable than in other countries of South America. There is a wide variety of options and prices, which depend on the duration of the tour and the quality of the service. By hiring an all-inclusive birdwatching tour (of one or several days) with SabinaTour and Casa Divina Lodge, you make sure that all its components are oriented to support local development and sustainable tourism in the area. Know more about our sustainable practices in this link.


Now is for you to choose the perfect tour and start planning your so-longed vacations. Share this article and follow us on Facebook to know our promotions!

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