Best Adventure Plans in Mindo

Best Adventure Plans in Mindo

Best Adventure Plans in Mindo

Mindo is a world-renowned destination for its great variety of birds, but nationally there is something more that attracts thousands of visitors every year: adventure! This small town, surrounded by cloud forest, gathers all the elements that attract adrenaline lovers of all kinds.


Casa Divina Lodge and SabinaTour Operator organize fantastic all-inclusive adventure tours in Mindo and its surroundings. In addition, we can customize your vacations to suit any of these activities:

Adrenaline in the water

Five rivers run through Mindo and the town is surrounded by mountains, so the fun in its fresh and sweet waters is guaranteed! From a refreshing bath on the banks of the river to an extreme descent by one of its waterfalls, here this element can be enjoyed by the whole family. In fact, the most famous activity of Mindo is tubing, which consists of descending down the river on a raft made of tires. This activity can be experience by the whole family since the river where it’s practiced is of low level, but if you look for a more extreme level, it can also be done in the surroundings of Mindo.

Other adrenaline activities in the water are canyoning or rappelling in waterfalls, hikes to waterfalls where you can admire the strength of this element, and visits to natural spas that have slides and other attractions.

The forest from above

In our eagerness to understand or experience the sensation of flying, humans have invented all kinds of machines and attractions that allow us to have a glimpse of this fantastic ability. And even though it is a small town, the nature around it is so gorgeous that Mindo offers several options for the visitors to observe the same landscape that hundreds of birds plough through every day, even if it’s for some minutes.

For several years, the aerial activity that has generated more adrenaline in Mindo is the famous canopy or zip line, which consists of sliding from one end of the mountain to another using a harness hanging from a strong cable, while enjoying privileged views. In addition, in 2018 the so-called chair lifts were inaugurated near Casa Divina Lodge, offering a 40-minute drive (round trip) at more than 4,600ft above the cloud forest of Mindo. Finally, there is the cable car that allows you to quickly cross to the Waterfalls Sanctuary while you feel an adrenaline rush.

Magical trails

In a cloud forest like that of Mindo and its surroundings, it is almost a crime not to hike through its magical paths, discovering its exuberant vegetation and the thousands of animals that hide behind it. Casa Divina Lodge is located within a private reserve that has two self-guided trails, through which you can walk at your own pace and at any time of the day.

In addition, other incredible places where tourists can explore this dreamlike ecosystem for hours, are the Waterfalls Sanctuary or the Rio Bravo Reserve (this also leads to a large waterfall). During your walks, keep in mind two things: 1) the forest and its inhabitants speak at all times and if you follow any of the songs you will find wonderful creatures, and 2) this is a protected area so your responsible behavior is of vital importance for life to continue.

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