Recipe of our Natural Homemade Mosquitoes Repellent

Recipe of our Natural Homemade Mosquitoes Repellent

Recipe of our Natural Homemade Mosquitoes Repellent

Did you know that chemical mosquitoes repellent can be very toxic for your health and environment? Check out our homemade natural option!



At Casa Divina Lodge, we try to protect nature and wildlife as much as possible, as well as our own wellbeing. In order to reduce our impact to the amazing cloud forest of Mindo, we get creative and carry out small practices that make a difference. One of those, is the preparation of our own natural mosquitoes repellent, which has no negative impact on our health and nature

The cloud forest of Mindo is an area surrounded by rivers and waterfalls, and that is precisely one of its main attractions. And since this mega-diverse tropical ecosystem not only has beautiful extravagant animals, but also annoying tinny mosquitoes*, we know that using a repellent is very important to get the most out of your trip to paradise without getting disturbed. What many people don't know, it's that chemical mosquitoes repellent usually have a component known as DEET, that can cause big damages to our nervous central system, while contaminating water every time you wash it off.   

So if you want to enjoy the delicious aroma and functionality of our natural preparation, follow this instructions to make your own repellent!

Mix in a jar with 1/2 litre of water:

- 40 drops of lemon verbena essential oil
- 8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
- 8 drops of lavander essential oil (for fragance, so you can choose another one)

Please consider that essential oils are very strong, so when manipulating them avoid spilling in your hands or the surface you're working on. Also, as the mixture is made with water, you will need to shake it every time you use it to make sure you mix all the ingredients. 

* Please note that in Mindo there is zero risk of malaria, dengue or other tropical deseases. 



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