Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

Another area we consider very important in our efforts to promote responsible tourism, is to be part of the sustainable tourism movement, both national and international. We have participated in the following certifications and conferences:

  1. Certified on Social Corporate Responsability and Sustainability by TourCert.
  2. Green Leaders Gold Level on Trip Advisor.
  3. Certified by the Pichincha Provincial Counsel (Ecuador) as a Distinctive Quality Establishment.
  4. Hopineo Hosts for leaders in the sustainable tourism movement.   
  5. Sponsors and participants in the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) 2015 organized by The International Ecotourism Society.

This recognitions and certifications reassure the efficiency of our sustainable processes and motivate us to continue improving and innovating in the wide field of sustainable tourism. Our Corporate Policy reveals more clearly the principles that guide us and have made us winners of this awards. 


Corporate Policy

Casa Divina Lodge and SabinaTour Operator are two family-owned companies serving visitors to the cloud forest of Mindo, Ecuador in South America. The great love and respect we feel for the surrounding area are reflected in our consistent efforts to educate, inspire, and promote conservation of local, regional, and global forests. Our team is committed to our core values of honesty, responsibility, respect, efficiency, quality, discipline, and safety.

We provide our guests with a unique opportunity to explore the stunning biodiversity of the Chocó Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve. Our high-quality service is unparalleled as we strive to continually improve our systems and processes in an effort to increase the sustainability and conservation efforts within our businesses and the local community.

We are leaders in our local community and employ the services of residents of our town whenever possible. We encourage the responsible economic, social, and environmental development of our region. We promote equality, mutual respect and job security for our employees by offering a dynamic, positive, and productive work environment.

We comply with all legal regulations stated in the Constitution of Ecuador, which establishes that the rights mentioned in this document, and in international treaties or agreements, are guaranteed for everyone who lives or visits our country and children and adolescents in particular. 

Environmental Goals

These goals guide our conservation practices:

  • To establish, maintain, and innovate efficient resource management practices and processes that prevent environmental harm.
  • To employ a cohesive team aligned with the mission, vision, commitments, and values of our companies.
  • To share our sustainable practices and their benefits with our clients, collaborators, and the local community.
  • To make educational, economic, and practical contributions to the sustainable development of tourism in the region and the country.
  • To create alliances with companies, organizations, and people who share the same ideology, supporting entrepreneurship for a progressive, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious society.