Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

Another area we consider very important in our efforts to promote responsible tourism, is to be part of the sustainable tourism movement, both national and international. We have participated in the following certifications and conferences:

This recognitions and certifications reassure the efficiency of our sustainable processes and motivate us to continue improving and innovating in the wide field of sustainable tourism. Our Corporate Policy reveals more clearly the principles that guide us and have made us winners of this awards. 


Corporate Policy

At Casa Divina Lodge, our mission is to provide an elegant and comfortable destination for the traveller interested in exploring and appreciating biodiversity and culture of the tropical forest.

Our vision is that of participating in a sustainable lifestyle and conscious tourism, gathering forces with the community in order to achieve the same goal: to offer quality service, appreciation for local wisdom, respect for the environment and love for the cloud forest.

Casa Divina Lodge values honesty, respect, efficiency, discipline and safety. Four our staff, responsibility means to accomplish our agreements with our clients, providers and collaborators, as well as our obligations with the community and the environment.

We are committed to respect and follow the legal regulations of the Ecuadorian Constitution, which establishes the full enjoyment of the rights mentioned in it to all the people that inhabit and visit our country, as well as international treaties and agreements with special emphasis in the rights of children and adolescents.

Activities, processes and goals of the organization will always be guided towards the protection of environment and the enrichment of biodiversity. In this line, we implement systematic processes of continuous improvements, which allow us to develop skills for planning, management and closure of projects. Moreover, we’re always looking to establish ecological technologies to protect the environment, prevent pollution and use our resources efficiently.      

For Casa Divina Lodge it’s fundamental to be involved and interact with the local community, hiring their services when possible for any type of activity and not only those related with tourism. In this way, we foment the development of our community towards a sustainable and ecologically conscious future.  

Environmental Goals

- To share our knowledge of sustainable practices and its benefits to all those we share our environment with.

- To make intellectual, economical and practical contributions, guided towards a sustainable knowledge for the community.

- To promote our mission, products and services locally and globally, through organizations, companies and media that share our same ideology.

- To create alliances with companies and people that share la same ideology and that support entrepreneurship for a progressive society, socially responsible, and conscientious of the natural surrounding.

- To form a successful work team, that is aligned with the mission, vision and commitments of the company, as well as the mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s aspirations.