Conservation Practices

Conservation Practices

We couldn’t do what we do without the Mindo cloud forest and maintaining the natural beauty of this place is one of our main priorities. In order to do this, we have implemented sustainable practices from the beginning of the project, like the use of natural construction materials in all the facilities and the permanent respect towards the environment. Casa Divina Lodge is located in the middle of a 2.7 ha private reserve that we consider a sanctuary of life, as we don't cause any impact outside of the lodge area.   

Furthermore, we have purchased a 100 ha (250 acres) protected reserve and participate in the Socio-Bosque program, which works to conserve the forests of Ecuador and deliver economic benefits to local communities at the same time. In that space an important reforestation of local species is happening, which represent the home fro hundreds of animals that inhabit the Choco Andino Biosphere Reserve. This ensures that not only the lodge, but the whole area will continue to be pristine and be an excellent place for bird watching, swimming, hiking and relaxing.

In order to keep the delicate balance of the Mindo cloud forest intact we are very careful with the waste we produce and products we use. Recycling and separation of waste has been a habit in Mindo for more than 15 years, and at Casa Divina Lodge we only use biodegradable cleaning products and natural repellent to be sure that we're not contaminating water or the forest. We are also careful about what products we buy to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible, looking for local/organic providers as much as possible. Ultimately, at Casa Divina Lodge we are aware of our carbon footprint and are conservative with our electricity usage by using energy efficient machines and LED lighting to minimize consumption. 

We provide high quality services in an elegant, cosy and eco-friendly environment!

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