Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Casa Divina Lodge is a company that promotes sustainable tourism, in which what comes first is the respect for nature, local culture and the community, and each one of our collaborators.

We are a family project and typically work with people from the community of Mindo that not only appreciate the environment we live in, but do their best to preserve it. For our tours, we hire local profesional bilingual guides that have a wide knowledge of the fauna and flora of he area, and who share their love for it with our tourists. Even the drivers that work with us come from the area, which guarantees safety and comfort of their passengers as they perfectly know their way. 

In addition to working with local staff and guides, we support the local economy in other ways too. We have a good relationship with the farmers, fishermen and ranchers in the area and buy from them as much as possible. All of the dairy and meat we serve at the lodge is local and we use local and organic produce whenever it is available. At Casa Divina Lodge we work hard to ensure we are supporting our neighbors by going straight to the producer whenever possible, while we offer healthy, traditional and delicious meals.


Our Commitment with the Choco Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve

The Mindo cloud forest is mega diverse and very fragile area. At Casa Divina we focus on causing the less posible impact, with actions as using biodegradable cleaning products that don't contaminate the water around us. These are made in close labs an designed to be both effective and eco-friendly. We also run a strict process of waste management and separate all of our garbage, reusing when possible and supporting local and national recycling initiatives with our wastes. 

Mindo is still on its way to being a global eco destination and it's exciting to be part of the process. We are committed to ensuring that the area develops with respect for the pristine cloud forest and the native flora and fauna while providing opportunities to the local community, mostly related to touristic activities. 

We invite you to visit us at Casa Divina Lodge and be part of the sustainable movement that is taking over the world!

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