Birding in Mindo

Birding in Mindo

Choco Birdwatching Tour

This is our best-selling Mindo birdwatching tour. Created for dedicated birdwatchers, it is 5 days/4 nights of world-class bird watching … Click on the icon for more information  or here to book.

Complete Birding Tour

This tour is for the avid bird watcher. 4 days/3nights of feathered frenzy… Click on the icon for more information or here to book.

Birding in Mindo Tour

This 2 day/2 night tour is a great introduction for the interested bird watcher… Click on the icon for more information or here to book.

Bird Watching in Mindo and Ecuador Cloud Forest Tours

Casa Divina Lodge and SabinaTour Operator offer several Mindo Bird Watching Tours

One of the highlights of staying in the Ecuador cloud forest is the incredible biodiversity.  Casa Divina Lodge and SabinaTour Operator offer several bird watching tours to ensure you have the opportunity to see some of the rare species that the area supports. Before you go birding in Mindo by yourself check out the bird watching packages below and join us instead.

Mindo is located in the western lowlands of the Pichincha Province about 2 hours northwest of Quito in Ecuador, South America. It is home to an incredible array of bird species and is one of the premier bird watching locations in the world. Our own tour operator, SabinaTour, offers a variety of Mindo bird watching tours beginning at the lodge and extending to the surrounding cloud forest. The town of Mindo also offers many outdoor activities for adventure-ready and nature-seeking travelers. We support community tourism by working with other family-run businesses in the area.

Cloud Forest Hummingbird Tour

This extended bird watching tour is 6 days/6 nights and built for bird enthusiasts and photographers alike…  Click on the icon for more information  or here to book.

Additional Day Tours

Don’t find a tour for you? Build your own … Click on the icon for more information  or here to book.

Local Bird List

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Starting in the 1960’s the valley of Mindo, Ecuador became known in the international scientific community as an area incomparably rich in biodiversity. Since the declaration made by Birdlife International in 1997 of the Mindo area as an international Important Bird Area (IBA) this town has slowly become an ecotourism destination. As a world-class birding destination, Mindo boasts over 500 species of birds, many of which are endemic.  Mindo is not only known for its numerous bird population, but also for its pristine rivers and the 19,200 hectares (50,000 acres) protected primary forest.

All SabinaTour Operator guides are bilingual and native to the region and meet our high standards for local knowledge, communication, and excellent customer service.

SabinaTour Operator offers premium birdwatching and wildlife viewing in the pristine cloud forest of Mindo, Ecuador. Professional, personalized tours from experienced guides provide an exceptional peek at all that the cloud forest has to offer.  Book a tour with us today and don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime.