8 Tips for Contributing to Responsible Travel

8 Tips for Contributing to Responsible Travel

8 Tips for Contributing to Responsible Travel

It’s not necessary to be an ecologist superhero to contribute to the growth of responsible tourism in the world!


We live in an era in which traveling is one of our biggest goals and achieving it’s getting easier. Whether it is locally, in our region or in another continent, the touristic offer is so abundant that it can overwhelm us. And sadly, this offer does not always consider the well-being of the destination as a pillar for the progress.

The truth is that, if we want to continue enjoying freely all those wonderful landscapes, places and experiences, we must play our part so that tourism becomes a sustainable activity that benefits all actors involved. Only then, we will grant the generations to come the possibility of walking the same paths and looking proudly at what we have achieved as a specie.

Fortunately, it is as easy as making small changes in our habits. You will see that the satisfaction of contributing to a better world is priceless! Our advice for those who want to join the movement of responsible tourists are:

  1. Always have a reusable water bottle with you, and avoid to buy drinks in disposable bottles. Each one of these bottles takes about 450 years to degrade!

  2. Take the time to enjoy your food and drinks in the restaurants of your destination, instead of buying take-away food in disposable packaging. You’ll have good moments of calm and comfort, while blending with the community!

  3. Choose tourist establishments (accommodation, restaurants, tour operators) with a sustainable or ecological orientation. In this way, you will be supporting responsible businesses that are also doing their part. To learn more about these establishments, you can be guided by our sustainable practices. Also, keep in mind that a sustainable company follows one or more of these principles:
    a. Use of natural local construction materials and preservation of its surroundings, without interfering with the environmental balance of the area.
    b. Implementation of responsible practices for waste management (garbage recycling).
    c. Responsible use of the natural resources of the destination.
    d. Fair treatment to all the members of the staff, respecting always the Labor Law.
    e. Guarantee of a safe and respectful space for all its clients, without discrimination of gender, age, race, nationality or sexual preference.
    f. Work with local suppliers and support to a just and equitable economic development in its area of influence.
    g. Promotion of social and environmental responsibility in its various communication materials and within the establishment!

  4. Look for local suppliers and prefer their services, so that your visit supports the growth of small entrepreneurs who know deeply and love the destination. Fortunately, the Internet makes this much easier these days!

  5. Spend several days in the same destination. In this way you will have more time to explore the place in a stress-free way and your experience will feel more complete and real!

  6. When visiting protected areas: avoid leaving any type of waste (even the organic ones, as they can alter the diet of native species); hike only through established roads and paths; hire an official guide who knows the area if you want deeper exploration; respect the signage and indications of the use of the area; do not withdraw any natural resources; avoid feeding wildlife; and remember that hunting in Ecuador is illegal in any way!

  7. When moving around within the destination, choose for walks, public transport or bike rides. This will help you stay active and explore the place better, while contributing to the reduction of smog and traffic!

  8. In case of visiting rivers, lakes or natural water bodies, avoid the use of chemical repellents or tanning lotions as they can affect the fauna. Prefer the use of natural repellents, like the one we teach you to prepare in this video!


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