Conservation Practices

Conservation Practices

Our primary purpose is to protect the biodiversity of the cloud forest. We work hard to preserve and protect the private reserves at Casa Divina Lodge (2.5 hectares) and Socio-Bosque (100 hectares) that we own and care for while supporting others in doing the same. Our commitment delivers economic benefits to local communities and encourages reforestation, the protection of waterways, and the resurgence of species that inhabit the Choco Andino Biosphere Reserve.


Our conservation efforts include:

  1. Natural construction materials
  2. Responsible waste management, recycling, and reuse whenever possible
  3. Biodegradable cleaning products
  4. Non-toxic natural insect repellent
  5. Purchasing products with minimal environmental impact
  6. Supporting local and organic producers whenever possible
  7. Energy conservation including the use of LED lights and energy-efficient appliances

Mindo is leading the way as a global eco-destination and we’re proud to be supported by a community committed to sustainable tourism.

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