Our Team

Our Team

Soledad Lima - Housekeeping Assistant

Sole is our oldest collaborator! He is part of the Casa Divina Lodge team since 2011. Although she is in the housekeeping area, when she gives us a hand in the kitchen we all know that delicacies will be prepared that day. Sole is the creator of our famous yuca bread that are served for breakfast, as well as other recipes that are now part of our “classics”.

Sole was born in Mindo and has two daughters. She tells us she is happy with her work at Casa Divina Lodge because of the calm she feels when immersed in the cloud forest. She is willing to learn more and participate in trainings that help her grow professionally. In her spare time she likes to hike in the woods, share time with her family and enjoy her passions: good coffee, ranchera music and volleyball.

Her message to our visitors is: "Come and live a unique experience with us!"



Jhon Bonilla - Housekeeping, Maintenance and Multipurpose Assistant

Jhon has been working at Casa Divina Lodge since 2018. As you can see in the position’s title, he is a multifaceted man who supports various areas with great enthusiasm and dedication. In a single day, you will see him supporting the kitchen team during breakfast, doing housekeeping work, gardening and then giving us a hand in whatever is needed.

He was born in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and lives in Mindo since childhood. He has a daughter and likes to work at Casa Divina Lodge because he is surrounded by nature, he feels that there are always new things to learn and he can practice some English. Also, enjoys improving his cooking skills. In his spare time he likes to go to the river where he is also a tubing guide. This young enthusiast is an enduro motorcycle racer, listens to ballads and also likes to dance salsa and bachata.

His message to visitors is: "Casa Divina has an elegant atmosphere and excellent service."



Thalía Pérez - Kitchen Assistant

Thali has been working with us officially since 2019, and has been linked to Casa Divina Lodge as a temporary assistant for about 3 years now. Her seasoning is unique and makes all our guests take with them the memory of the most delicious fusion cuisine dishes, since she masterfully mix the flavors of local ingredients with the international recipes that we’re all familiar with.

Thali was born in Mindo and likes to work at Casa Divina because she enjoys the quiet and silent environment, and the natural surroundings. She is always open to explore, develop more recipes and grow professionally. In her spare time she likes to read, research new recipes, spend time with her family, dance salsa music, and take walks around Mindo and its surroundings.

Her message to our visitors is: "Come and enjoy the peace of the forest in an elegant and cozy atmosphere, where you can experience good food and high quality service."



Jorge Varea - Administrative Assistant

Jorge has been with us since 2019 and is our support in the administration and coordination between all the areas that make Casa Divina Lodge an internationally recognized destination! He was born in Quito and lives in Mindo since June/19, where he enjoys working in an environment away from the city, as well as sharing experiences with our visitors.

At Casa Divina Lodge, he wants to grow professionally and achieve joint goals with the team. In his spare time he practices Capoeira -a Brazilian martial art-, and he also enjoys rock climbing, and listening to bossa nova, samba, pagode and other rhythms.

His message for our visitors is: “Come to know more about Mindo and the heart of the cloud forest, enjoying an elegant accommodation and personalized attention, while supporting the goals of sustainable tourism”.